Usage Terms

When visiting websites that offer free stuff i useally find the usage term to be un-clear & would try to make usage term as simple & as readble as i can. If i have left anything out you are more then welcome to contact me and i would do my best to replay as soon as possible while mending these terms to answer your question.

You Are Allowed To…

  • Use patterns as many times as you want
  • Use patterns in any personal projects
  • Use patterns in any commercial projects
  • Use patterns in templates you sell
  • Use patterns in psd templates
  • Use patterns in software you sell
  • Use patterns in applications use build / sell
  • Use patterns in your social accounts / profiles etc.


You Are NOT Allowed To…

  • Offer the patterns to download at your website
  • claim patterns as your own / your work
  • sell patterns as patterns (as stand alones)


Thats all folks…

i always love it when the Not Allowed list is shorter.